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Introducing the ‘Rapisardi/Ron White’ collection.   A new collaboration taking on the heritage and innovation of the legendary Rapisardi brand under the creative direction of renowned Canadian Shoe Designer Ron White, creator of the world’s first All Day Heels®.

The Rapisardi story goes back five generations with Emma Del Greco Mochi and her family entering the women’s footwear market with a new approach for a women’s summer shoe made of a straw weave on leather mixed with a wood or cork sole… thus was born the Florentine artisan sandal.

Today, under the direction of Barbara Rapisardi, the brand is sold in over 30 countries and continues to pave the way of innovation in the footwear industry with an entire collection that incorporates a stretch element creating a heavenly comfortable fit. A thick all natural woven cotton foam cushioning is used throughout the collection that adds exceptional padding and increased breathability.  In addition, a special ultralight outsole is used made from Rubber and Polyurethane which makes them durable, non-slip and water resistant.
Stretch Your Life!
Another unique sustainable element to this collection is that it’s 100% Vegan using only vegetable based components and chemical free glues alongside natural materials such as cereals, grains and seeds to create the collection.

Rapisardi Factory Ron White shares a similar vision for fashion footwear using unique technologies for shoes that feel wonderful, so it was a kismet fit for leading Canadian Shoe Designer Ron White to partner with Rapisardi to create a unique new collection.

Together they unveil a collection exclusively made for the North American Market called ‘Rapisardi/Ron White’.